General Information (Erie North Shore Minor Hockey)

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Registration is now OPEN for the 2021/22 season!

Note: The following assumes COVID protocols allows for a 'normal' hockey season.  ENSMHA is planning this way and adjustments may be made depending on any particular restrictions.


Age Division Age as of Dec 31,2021 Birth year Base Fee
U5/U6/U7  4/5/6  2017/2016/2015   $525.00
U8   2014  $750.00
U9  8  2013  $750.00
U10  9 2012  $770.00 
U11   10  2011  $770.00
U12     11   2010  $770.00
U13   12  2009  $770.00
U14   13  2008 $770.00 
U15   14  2007  $770.00
U16/U17/U18  15/16/17  2006/2005/2004   $780.00

Please note that Early bird pricing is now closed.

For New Players:

For new players to Erie North Shore Minor Hockey Association, when registering, you are required to:

1. Email [email protected] so you can have an account created.

2. Provide a copy of your birth certificate to the Registrar . You can take a picture of the document and send it to our Registrar at [email protected]

3. Registration is done completely (and only) online. Payment is made online through PlayPay (Instructions below).

4. Any player who has been registered with another association, must contact the Registrar to obtain a Transfer Form.

5.  If you have any other registration questions, please contact the Registrar

6. If you have payment questions, please contact the Treasurer

7. YOU MUST COMPLETE RESPECT IN SPORT FOR PARENTS PRIOR TO YOUR CHILD BEING ALLOWED TO STEP ON THE ICE.  See below for further information and for links to the course.


In an ongoing effort to foster as a safe and enjoyable environment for all our players, Hockey Canada and the OMHA has mandated that one parent from each family will complete the RESPECT IN SPORT-PARENTS online course as a condition of the child's registration and participation in hockey.  This course takes approximately one hour to complete and is of no cost to the parent.  It only is has to be completed once as it is a non-recurring requirement.  Click here for Respect in Sport for Hockey Canada Parents.

Registering for Hockey (**NEW PROCESS REQUIRED)

HockeyCanLogo.png HCR 3.0

Hockey Canada Registry, "HCR" (where you actually register for hockey) has changed.  Hockey Canada has migrated to HCR 3.0 with a brand new, majorly overhauled registration process.  It has simplified most (but not all) processes for registration you may have experienced in the past.  The interface should now be an easier experience for registering your participants. 

Use this document to help you navigate through the process:


*Note that the guide assumes a desktop or tablet type interface vs mobile phone.  Mobile phone experience may be slightly different look.

You can also refer to the following videos:

Click here to register for 2021-2022 Season

Paying for Registration

The ENSMHA has continued to partner with as our on-line payment provider for the 2020-2021 season. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you can make payments for free! Click here to log into your existing PlayPay account, or click here to create a new account. Then follow the steps below to make a payment:


1.     Select Erie North Shore Minor Hockey to your personal organization list.


  • In your PlayPay account, click ‘my organizations’.
  • Enter Erie in Organization and click ‘Search’.
  • Select the association from the returned list and click ‘Next’.
  • For Account Information enter the player’s Hockey Canada #. Then enter first and last name for Participant’s Name, and select the activities that apply to the player. These activities can be changed or updated at any time.
  • Click the ‘Add Organization’ button and the association will be added to your personal organization list for that player.



2.     You’re now ready to make payments!


  • In your PlayPay account, click ‘my payments’ and then click ‘make a payment’.
  • Select the association from the dropdown, click ‘Next’, and enter the payment amount. You’ll see a summary of Amount Owed which can be paid in full, or spread over a few separate payments.
  • Choose from one of four ways to pay. There is a 2.5% convenience fee to pay by credit card. There is no cost to make payments by e-cheque (i.e., direct debit), bank payment or interact e-Transfer.
  • You'll be notified by email when your payment is processed.